An Old School Review Of Hook

So below is a review I asked of a 30/30 Club student on the first day I got offered the coaching job with Brad P. The experiences he draws on are from when I was a online coach on the 30/30 forum, and Living in Kansas City. I’ve since gained a lot more live coaching experience, but Dangerous still gives me very kind words, so I thought it worth sharing.

” In full disclosure Hook has given me a place to crash occasionally, and I have asked him to be a reference for me in the past. However, this does not mean I am altering this review in exchange for any of these ways he has benefited me. I sincerely believe the following review to be true to my observations about Hook, even before he did these things for me.
When I first started out in the Brad P. 3030 program, I noticed a guy on the forums who seemed to be doing really well, and his name was Hook. I made plans to visit him in Kansas City where he was living at the time; however I thought to myself, “Could there be any good gaming going on in a out of the way place like Kansas City?” Boy was I wrong. Hook took me to some great spots and he was every bit as good as his reports on the 3030 forum indicated.

In my opinion, the 3 top qualities of Hook are: 1) Amazing identity, 2) Relaxed and chill vibe, and 3) insightful advice. Regarding his identity, his cool presence permeates an environment. He’s in a rock band, he’s a bartender, and he has artistic tattoos. When I saw Hook in field, girls were staring at Hook in a similar manner as I saw them staring at Brad P. They noticed him, they fixated on him, and it was like there is a power and confidents that draws women in to his aura. Hook exemplifies the identity work done in the Brad P. program.

Second, Hook is relaxed and chill. You would think that with his amazingly strong and cool identity, he would be elitist, snobby, etc. However, he is very down-to-earth. For me this is a great fit. I have been with other coaches where I felt more tense and things felt intense for me. Hook is very supportive and offers a safe environment to learn. This is extremely important to me in my approaching interactions. When I made mistakes in field, Hook encouraged me throughout.

Finally, Hook advice is spot on. While not clairvoyant, he was able to point out a number of issues to assist me in my development in approaching girls. He made recommendations for me that later were affirmed by the highest level professional coaches who had been coaching for decades. Not only that, Hook demonstrated some great work that I model myself after to this day. Once we approached a group of girls and Hook attempted a kiss close with one of them. She rejected his attempt. This was hugely important for me to see. It helped me understand what it looks like to just attempt to do something that I might find uncomfortable, and also how to deal with a failed attempt. Hook went on with confidence, to the very next set and it didn’t seem to faze him. He was immune to rejection and it showed in his confident continued risk taking. As I confront those things which make me hesitant, I remember this example to help me take risks, push my comfort level, and recognize that not every girl will be receptive to me. It helps me not to take rejection personally.

On the other hand, I have also seen Hook succeed spectacularly. We once approached some hot girls who were in college. I had my girl and Hook had his. We took them to a dance venue and Hook had his girl giving him all sorts of sexual success there as well as her phone number. Hook’s success is well-deserved and well earned. I also believe Brad P. 3030 club is lucky to have him as a coach as he is a solid gem. It is my pleasure to vouch for and recommend Hook very highly as a coach. I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone take a 1 on 1 with him and learn from him. “


Crossing the Borders to Make the Map

Today we have GPS systems the size of an iPhone sitting in our pockets at all moments educating us as to where we are, where we may be attempting to go, and even what train to take to get there. Frankly, we’re spoiled as fuck. Travel back in time with me to the colonial days, when the british first stumbled upon the western world, and had not a clue as to where the hell they were. You can bet they had zero idea where any borders, rivers, oceans, mountains, or anything for that matter really were.

How did they discover where all the borders existed? They stepped into unknown and uncertainty with nothing a will to explore and created the maps themselves. These brave men risked everything, often times their lives in the name of discovery. They paved the way to create the grand nation that now exits. They showed others where the resources lie, and sometimes unpleasant experiences went into their great discovies.

Now, what does this have to do with picking up chic’s whatsoever? Well, in one’s dating life, it’s up to us to create their map to success. When starting out, we are the new where the borders or of when we can get a phone number, make out with a girl, or shove her hands down our pants. We do not know when such moments are upon us. Hence, we must be bold, try, and fail over and over again. Let me get specific for a moment.

When is the right time to ask for a phone number? Well, what is the best route to get to california. Settlers didnt have maps, so they literally tried over and over again, gradually improving the route each time until the most efficient route was found. So, the answer is to ask every fricking girl you talk to for her phone #. Yes, you will be turned down. A lot, in fact, but something magical happens in this process. Some people start saying yes, and you recognize why. Then you start seeing when that pretty girl is on the fence. The first time you blow it. Then the next time she’s on the fence, your ready for it. You’ve got a plan this time, and you get that questionable phone number. Eventually, you been at the border so many times, you know every nook and cranny of the map. You intuitivly know when the time is right, then you start timing it for when its most smooth, most ideal, you master the skill as you’ve learned where the line is. Then you start pushing the boundary further and further.

We must be the settlers of our dating lives blazing the trail of what is possible.