Get Angry. Get Productive

Last week was rough.


Wednesday, the girl I’ve been seeing the most of late told me about another guy. He wants to date her seriously, to which the shenanigans we engage stand glaringly in the way . She says she does not want the fun between us to end, but I knew this day was coming. She calls me her personal sex toy, and our relationship revolves around the bedroom. Something serious for her was bound to come along. Looks like that time is now


Thursday, I hopped on my computer to record a podcast (more info on this coming soon!). I was in NY and she was in SF. I was recording a web-meeting for the podcast.  When we logged in my internet decided it wanted to do a throwback to 1999. My connection couldn’t handle the live stream – amateur hour. Nothing got done.

Early Friday I watched the Knicks. As a lifelong New Yorker and basketball fan , the Knickerbockers have a special place in my heart. I’m such a fan in perhaps In perhaps the oddest dream this year, I invited rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis and his Latvian family to my parents house for dinner (and best pal). Anyway I digress… during the game, the Knicks mysteriously removed my future dinner guest from the entire 4th quarter, and proceeded to evaporate a double digit lead. A 15 year old an unhealthy addiction  to NBA 2K16 would make better coaching decisions.


My dating, professional, and sports escapism lives all took hits. The net result? I was pissed. Let me reiterate. P-I-S-S-ED, PISSED! Normally a resolute man, I was on tilt. Thoughts of “Woe is me” crept into my mind. The frustration became overwhelming.


I was angry, which was the best thing that could happen to me. Anger spurs energy. That energy I could then point in the direction of something productive. I used it to meet some new women.

I became focused. I cleaned my room until it was cleaner than a sterile laboratory. I assembled my best outfit and put Steely Dan’s Can’t Buy a Thrill on the turntable.  After a 5-minute dance session, I was off to my favorite weekend bar. It features 50’s swing music and a disco ball. Amped from my pre evening ritual, I talked to the first girl I met on the subway. Suzie had just finished studying, and was off to meet a few friends. I told her I was about dance away my week’s frustration under the lights of a disco ball. She laughed and wished me luck. The evening was looking up already.

I arrived an hour before my friend and went straight to the dance floor. I closed my eyes and boogied down like there was no tomorrow. It may not be scientifically proven but trust me, it is impossible to be upset whilst thrusting one’s fingers in the sky under a disco ball.  My anger began to  morph into enthusiasm for the evening, and even starting to get fun
Riding my dance floor high, I spotted someone off to the side, and decided to make a move. Taylor thought I had wonderful dance moves, and dug my purple pants. We have plans to get a drink next Thursday.

I grab a drink and alas, my friends arrive. We catch up the details of our respective weeks and I lament my poor fortune, but this time far more humorously, to the enjoyment of my buddies. The anger had now become simply a prelude to what had turned into quite the entertaining evening, even acquiring a new date. We wrapped up the laughs and return to the dance floor. Katie saw the commotion of our group, and dug how I moved my hips.  We decided to dance. Both enjoying the experience, we decided to meet up on Monday to share more dance secrets.

Floating on a well-deserved high after a week of lows, a new group appeared which included a girl one of my friends is involved with. I’m introduced to said girl and her friend Renea. I talk about baking pastries and fancy coffees. She talks about teaching and California. It’s an enjoyable conversation, but before anything comes of it I’m whisked away to another bar by my buddies


Renea had some interesting things to say, so I ask my friend to ask the girl he’s involved with for her number. The next day I find out Renea asked have her number passed my way. Looks the attraction was mutual. We’re going out together this Friday.
Often anger can build as if in a pressure cooker until it becomes so great that the negative energy explodes on next person who remotely makes themselves a target. I, in the situation above, chose to re-direct the anger. When I was angry, I fired channeled my energy to clean. Then to dance. Then to dance some more, and lastly to approach women. Due to the action I took, I began to feel the results my mood slowly improving with each positive step. Once in a positive state, my flirty side took over, and I now have 3 dates to look forward to this week.

If you have the energy, it can be put to constructive use. All the examples above are how I embraced my shitty week to do some good. I implore everyone to do the same.